Topics include, but are not limited to:

Adaptive and Learning Systems Adaptive systems
Adaptive control
Iterative learning control
Robust adaptive control
Statistical learning
Autonomous Systems Agents and autonomous systems
Autonomous robots
Autonomous systems
Cooperative control
Biological Systems Application in neuroscience
Biological systems
Biomedical systems
Biomolecular systems
Cellular dynamics
Genetic regulatory systems
Metabolic systems
Computational methods Computer aided control design
Control Applications Aerospace
Electrical machine control
Electrical power systems
Energy systems
Manufacturing processes
Medical signal processing
Military applications
Power electronics
Power plants
Pulp and paper technologies
Servo control
Traffic control
Transportation systems
Control education Computer aided learning
Control courses and labs
Discrete event systems Automata
Petri nets
Queuing systems
Supervisory control
Distributed parameter systems Delay systems
Flexible structures
Fluid flow systems
Emerging Control Theory and Applications Emerging control applications
Emerging control theory
Quantum control theory
Fault Detection and Management Fault accommodation
Fault detection and identification
Fault diagnosis
Fault estimation
Fault tolerant systems
System reconfiguration
Finance Financial models
Hybrid systems Quantized systems
Stability of hybrid systems
Switched systems
Intelligent systems Fuzzy systems
Machine learning
Neural networks
Large-scale systems Decentralized control
Distributed control
Linear systems Linear parameter-varying systems
Linear time-varying systems
Observers for linear systems
Predictive control for linear systems
Sampled data control
Stability of linear systems
Micro and Nano Systems MEMS
Nano systems
Quantum information and control
Modeling Behavioral systems
Differential algebraic systems
Model/Controller reduction
Reduced order modeling
Networks and Communication Agents networks
Communication networks
Computer networks
Consensus control and estimation
Control over communication
Control over networks
Cooperative autonomous systems
Coverage control
Distributed cooperative control over networks
Distributed estimation over sensor nets
Network analysis and control
Optimal control of communication networks
Sensor and mesh networks
Nonlinear Control Algebraic/geometric methods
Chaotic systems
Constrained control
Feedback linearization
Lyapunov methods
Nonlinear system theory
Observers for nonlinear systems
Output feedback
Output regulation
Predictive control for nonlinear systems
Sliding mode control
Stability of nonlinear systems
Optimization Game theoretical methods
H2/H-infinity methods
Optimal control
Optimization algorithms
Variational methods
Process Control Systems Chemical process control
Control of metal processing
Mineral process control
Signal processing Filtering
Sensor and signal fusion
Stochastic systems Markov processes
Stochastic control
Stochastic filtering
System Identification Identification
Identification for control
Identification for hybrid systems
Model validation
Nonlinear system identification
Uncertain systems Randomized algorithms
Robust control
Verification and Validation Complex systems
Safety critical systems
V&V of control algorithms