Things to see and do on the water

Enjoy Zurich's beautiful rivers and lakeside.

Walk along the Sihl or the Limmat river as they wind their way through the city, and stop for a swim at a riverside swim area.


If you prefer the lake, stroll along the Zurichsee walking trails. On the east side of the lake, you will find the Zurichorn park and casino, the Chinagarten, and the Tiefenbrunnen public swim area; on the west side of the lake you will find the ferry docks, tree Arboretum, the Mythenquaistrandbad swim area, the Saffa-Insel and the Rote Fabrik arts centre and café/bar.


If you are tired of walking, you can take a water taxi or a ferry back to the city, and enjoy evening drinks and music at the riverside Barfuss Bar.


Swimming Weather
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