Conference format

The official language of the conference will be English for all written manuscripts and oral presentations.

The three days of the conference will feature presentations in the following formats:

  • Plenary Talks
    60 minutes with no parallel presentations.
  • Semi-Plenary Talks
    45 minutes each with 2 semi-plenary talks in parallel, without other parallel sessions.
  • Regular Sessions
    Papers presented in groups of 6, each paper in lasting 20 minutes.
  • Invited Sessions
    Special session of 6 papers organized under a unified theme, with the same format as a regular session.
  • Tutorial Sessions
    Special sessions organized by leading experts on a special theme. Format may differ from regular and invited sessions

We anticipate 10 to 15 regular, invited and tutorial sessions to be running in parallel.

The day before the conference will be dedicated to pre-conference workshops where one or more experts explore a specific topic in depth.